About Us

Simply Clever...

CleverTickets.com offers the customer a choice of events and activities from all around the country. We try our best to offer you something different, so there is something of interest for everyone.

For the event organiser, we offer an unparalleled service and means of selling tickets to their events. Our 'Clever' thinking offers our customers the option of an e-ticket, posted paper tickets, and the increasingly popular method - mobile-ticketing.

Our vision extends further than just connecting event organisers to thousands of customers. With our wide array of marketing contacts, we aim to become the ultimate one stop ticketing and marketing shop. We market each event as if it were our own, offering our customers the most convenient methods of buying the event tickets. We have been both sellers, and buyers, and therefore, we understand the frustrations of both parties!

The humble beginnings...

Reminiscing one day, about the university days, we thought about what bothered us most about attending the various events. The queuing up in the cold came to mind, as did the waiting for ticket sellers to meet us at random designated spots. So why not offer tickets online for even the smallest of small events? They deserve the same privileges and accessibility as the bigger event promoters - so we got cracking!

The fairytale offerings...

We offer you highly secure encrypted e-ticketing solutions.

Buy a ticket online, and we will email you a specially designed ticket specific for your chosen event. Each ticket will include details of the chosen event, and a highly secure encrypted code. Print it and take this e-ticket to your chosen event. Simple!

Online ticketing is not a new concept, but the ease of access, and ease of use has commonly been limited for certain markets. We aim to bring these markets to the forefront, where they rightly deserve to be.

We offer you highly secure encrypted mobile-ticketing solutions.

Buy a ticket online, and we will send you your ticket via a SMS to your phone. Each ticket will include details of the chosen event, and a highly secure encrypted code. Simply remember to take your phone to your chosen event, and upon request show your SMS to gain entry. Perfectly simple!

The Clever Magicians...

CleverTickets strives to be the best in the market, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. The 'Clever' team is made up very hard-working individuals who have joined their hands together to offer mountain-moving advances to the e-ticketing market. We're enthusiastic, we're helpful, we're cool, we're approachable… we're 'Clever'…

"They lived happily ever after..."

We have paved the way for our audience to search and buy tickets with the click of a button, taking the stress out of sales for the event organiser, and the stress of arranging the perfect evening for the customer. Event organisers get their events marketed directly through to the right audience, enabling them to sell tickets to their events online, cutting out the hassle associated with handling thousands of enquiries. The customer… well… they can arrange their nights out weeks in advance, by logging onto CleverTickets.com.

We want to know your thoughts. We want your comments and suggestions.

Offer us some 'clever' feedback... email us on: Feedback@CleverTickets.com

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Clever Media Solutions Ltd T/A CleverTickets.com
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