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CleverTickets offers you a simple, hassle free service, ensuring that your event sells tickets to its full potential, through exposure to thousands of potential customers.
Could it be any better put than that? I don't think so...

Think tickets... Think Clever...

You have been planning for months, and finally sealed the venue and artists on the night. Now to take all the calls of desperate customers trying to get hold of tickets to your event...

Do you really want to run around trying to deliver tickets?
Do you really want to trust high street outlets with ticket sales?
Are these prehistoric methods really going to help your event become a success?
The simple answer is - No.

Cut down all your administration, call handling, running around and stress!
Let Clever Tickets handle the sales!
We offer you e-ticketing, posted tickets and mobile-ticketing!
We make it easy for you and your customer.
That's what we do each and every day - 365 days of the year!

Join us, and get the backing and support of a professional team behind your ticket sales!

CleverTickets has invested a huge amount of time and money into producing an impressive back-end infrastructure to ensure all events receive the highest quality of service.
Our extensive marketing network throughout the UK, Canada and USA is connecting thousands of event managers to potential customers. The 'clever' thing to do - would be to join us, so we can support your event and assist it in becoming a success!

Think Advertising... Think Clever...

We want your event to be a success. We want your event to get the right sort of exposure, and with our event feeds to websites in our marketing network, and our 'clever' banner placement; we successfully divert traffic to your event listings on CleverTickets.

As our range of partners continues to grow, and our website becomes more and more popular, we will eventually become the number one choice for online ticketing. We aim to achieve approximately 12,000 views per day by the end of 2010!

CleverTickets ensures that your event is seen by people from all different walks of life. Our wide variety of events and genres are aimed at bringing something for everybody. We pride ourselves in the diversity of our event listings and customer base.

If you are interested in strategic banner placement, thought out event newsletters, or any of our other Clever methods of advertising your event, contact our team for more information at: info@clevertickets.com

Think success... Think Clever...

CleverTickets aims to attract the right audience for your event. We work with the most knowledgeable and experienced names in the event management and media industry. If you want your event to gain maximum exposure, reaching out to millions of computers worldwide, then you need to get 'clever' and join the CleverTicket hype!

If you have any questions you can contact us at: info@clevertickets.com